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【Butt Lifting Machine】The butt lifting machine is made of high-quality materials. When you are lying or sitting, you can tighten your buttocks at any time, without side effects, simple operation, better effect, light and compact, without strenuous exercise, easy to shape the buttocks. The ergonomic cushion design provides good adhesion to the buttocks.
【6 Modes Hip Lifter】Glutes trainer 6 modes can be adjusted, 15 minutes each time, 2 to 3 times a week can bring you a good figure with a toned body buttocks, simple operation.
【Create More Possibilities】The Butt Lifting Machine have U-shaped cushions, which perfectly fit the buttocks. You can use the buttocks massager for reading, watching movies, indoor fitness, etc., one-button fat reduction, simple operation, easy to create charming buttocks shape.
【Applicable People】The butt lifting machine is suitable for people who are sedentary, lack of exercise, housewives, long-term driving, etc. It is light and compact, does not require strenuous exercise, and is easy to shape the buttocks. Self-training at home, gym and office.


Size:26*20CM (Host + Paste)
Color:As Picture Shows


What's included:
1 x Main machine
1 x USB cable

Women Butt Lifting Machine Glute Trainer Hip Massage Trainer

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