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【ALWAYS SHOW YOUR BEST】our back brace fully fit the back spine, provide strong back support,the posture belt wrap over your shoulders to extend your shoulders back, straightener your back, increase your confidence and this back brace posture also provide 3 in 1 support for your upper back, lower back and abdomen to relieve back, neck, shoulder and clavicle pain.
【IMPROVE POSTURE】 this back brace posture corrector can be worn inside your clothed or in daily work, we are highly recommended this posture corrector to who suffer from humpback, shoulder pain and waist pain and who sit for long time as this posture corrector take pressure off the key areas by aligning your posture properly, help you improve poor posture like scolisois, lumbago, far away from pain.
【STRONGER BACK SUPPORT】 2 flexible ABS support bars and larger back support area fit on your back provide more and powerful support on your back, breathable and mesh back support will not make you hot and uncomfortable, and keep your back away from getting heated and sweaty when wearing.
【EASY TO WEAR AND TAKE OFF】 wear the corrector just like to wear the shirt and adjust the elastic belt for snug fit and help you improve posture, you will feel uncomfortable in a short period used as the corrector adjust your poor posture, and you will used to it after few times used, we are recommend you wear the posture corrector in 15-25 minutes in first time and increase 20 minute each day.
【POSTURE CORRECTOR FOR MEN AND WOMEN】 more size corrector to choose, please choose the suitable size for best support according to our size chart, straight your back, increase your confidence, if there is someone Humpbacked beside you, it is also a good choose.


Material:100% Polyester
XS Fits for Waist 65-75CM Height 140-160CM Weight 30-50KG
S Fits for Waist 70-85CM Height 160-170CM Weight 50-65KG
M Fits for Waist 80-95CM Height 160-175CM Weight 65-80KG
L Fits for Waist 90-105CM Height 175-180CM Weight 80-85KG
XL Fits for Waist 100-115CM Height 180-185CM Weight 85-90KG
XXL Fits for Waist 105-120CM Height 185-195CM Weight 90-95KG


What's included:
1 * Posture Back Corrector

Unisex Posture Back Corrector Back Brace for Lumbar Support and Upright

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