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【3 Unique Uses】This multipurpose deluxe food mill performs 3 functions: masher, ricer, and strainer. It is ideal for fruit, sauces, purees, soups, and baby food. You can use this stainless steel food mill maker to separate skins, fibers, and seeds from purees. The food mill will also mash rice or potatoes. Use as a strainer, separates skins, fibers, and seeds from purees. Stainless bowl is ideal for hot foods and won’t stain. Comes apart for easy cleaning.
【High-grade Stainless Steel】Made of high-quality non-toxic stainless steel material, it can safely touch food directly, easy to clean, dishwasher safe and last for a lifetime! The sleek stainless steel construction isn’t just for aesthetics, it also makes extremely durable and resistant to rough handling. Milling fruits, vegetables, and other foods into perfect the consistency comes easily with this deluxe food mill.
【Multi-use Mill】It will save you time when pureeing and with the bottom clips at the bottom it securely grips to just about any container. Simple, spring-loaded lever, and all of the moving parts disassemble for easy cleaning.
【Easy to Use and Versatile】It is dishwasher safe for added convenience and faster cleanup. For safety, it is equipped with a long handle to keep your hands clear and a small helper handle that fit over mixing bowls or cooking added ease of use. Crush tomatoes and remove the seeds for soups, juice or Italian dishes. You could also strain seeds out of berries for baby food, mash potatoes for dinner or puree fruit for pies or other desserts.
【Best Tool for Outdoor Activity】It is the great choice for prepare various sauces, baby and puree foods, jellies, jams, preserves, as well as mashed potatoes. This non-electric food grinder is powered by hand and is ergonomically designed for smooth turning. You can use it while you are living off the grid, camping, outdoor party or simply working on being more self-reliant at home. It is the perfect tool for your outdoor activities.


Material:Stainless Steel


What's included:
1*Food Mill

Stainless Steel Food Mill with 3 Grinding Discs Puree Maker

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