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Tasty and Smooth Cooking: Sausage Roller keeps your food up off the grill, which makes it tasty and juicy. It also has a mirror polishing on the that helps you roll and turn your food smoothly. This hot dog roller is a great tool for grilling delicious hot dogs.
 Wooden Handle for Safety: Hot Dog Roller For Grill comes with an extra long wood handle. This helps you avoid getting too close to the hot grill and burning your hand. You can enjoy your hot dogs with ease and comfort.
 Evenly Cooked Hot Dogs: With Hot Dog Roller, you can enjoy delicious hot dogs or sausages that are grilled evenly on all sides, thanks to the 6 stick design that holds up to 5 hot dogs at a time
Camping-Friendly Cooking: With Hot Dog Roller Bbq, you can make tasty hot dogs, sausages, brats, egg rolls and more for any outdoor adventure. It is compact and easy to use, so you can enjoy grilling anywhere.
 Clean at Ease: Sausage Roller Rack has food-grade non-stick stainless steel that is heat-resistant. You can wipe it with a cloth and have your hot dogs ready in no time.


Material:Stainless Steel,Wood


What's included:
1 * Hot Dog Roller 

Stainless Steel BBQ Sausage Hot Dog Roller Grill Holder Rack with Wooden Handle

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