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Effective Dual Defense:The ingenious wobble design with built-in springs provides extra sliding up and down protection. The Baffle for bird feeders rocks from side to side and moves up and down simultaneously, ensuring an extraordinary guard against they attempting to jump from the ground.
Rust Chew Proof Heavy Duty Protective Shield:Made from quality rust-proof and chew-proof material, this baffle performs exceptionally well even in unfavorable weather conditions. It serves as a useful tool for deterring they from accessing the bird feeder, whether they are trying to reach it from the bottom or jumping on it from the ground.
Smooth grip free surface:A sloping squirrel baffle with a smooth surface wrapped around a pole, making it difficult for squirrels to grasp or crawl over, making it perfect for protecting your bird's prey from being robbed by squirrels.
Most Flexible Clamp Suitable For 1/4 Inch to 1 3/4 Inch: Most flexible pole clamp is suitable for most of the pole and shepherd's hook, which can be fixed on the pole firmly, comes with all accessories you need, and no additional tools required.
Spend More Time Bird-Watching:This baffle not only protects bird seed from stubborn they but also acts as a guard against other animals. Its elegant design complements your yard decoration perfectly.




What's inclded:
1 * Squirrel flapper

Squirrel Baffle with Dual Defense Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

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