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180° Panoramic View Full Face Design - It all comes together into one piece, so you can breathe easily without holding anything in your mouth. This updated version offering 180°superior views over traditional mask or snorkel sets, guaranteeing that you will see more colorful fish and reefs super than ever before.
Easy to Snorkeling - With this snorkeling mask the breathing experience is totally different. You’ll not worried about breathing at all. Our 2-in-1 mask and snorkel, take in the outer air from the upper part of the mask by the connected snorkel and exhale the gas from the lower area which just breathing through the nose or mouth as naturally as on land.
All dry Snorkeling Technology - This full face snorkel mask is designed with an integrated float ball to block the opening, then stops salt water from getting into your mouth and prevents gagging when you diving down, that’s no trouble to pop back up and breathing again. Environmentally soft silicone material ensures a high seal and comfort your face makes the snorkeling safe and comfortable.
Upgrade Anti-Fog Lens - For viewing a more clear and Colorful underwater world, the full face mask features anti-fog coating and create the innovative breathing chamber provides streamlined airflow to eliminate fogging, spend less time worrying about fogging, and spend more time enjoy the snorkeling.
Compatible Action Camera- capture underwater magic and make memories with the integrated action camer on top of the head. Use a waterproof camera equipment to capture family adventures your children will cherish for years,180-degree lens and extra long tube give you unobstructed views of reefs and exotic fish 


S/M-inside diameter 17*13CM, outside diameter 23*19CM
L/XL-inside diameter 19*13CM, outside diameter 23*19CM


How to choose the right size?

Measure the distance between the bridge of your nose to the chin:
If the measurement is less than 4.7"(12cm), then choose S/M size.
If it is greater than 4.7"(12cm), then choose the L/XL size.

Do not snorkel alone,always have a companion
Do not snorkel in high waves or rapid currents
Child usage must be under with parent supervision
Not suitable for children under 36 months, may cause CHOKING HAZARD


What's included:
1 * Snorkel Mask 

Snorkel Mask Full Face Diving Mask Swimming Scuba Detachable Breathing Tube

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