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SOFT SILICONE - The wipers are made of high quality silicone which is very flexible and can be removed easily and quickly in any corner of the car. Prevent glass damage and friction, clean and protect your vehicle.
Product specifications: product contains 1 silicone wiper; approx. 30 x 5 cm in size, absorbs silicone lip automatically, no scratches, quiet wiping, no harsh friction noise.
SMOOTH AND SCRATCH FREE: surface with carbon fiber texture to avoid scratches, quiet wiping, no hard friction noise. Quickly wipe water stains from your windows and give your car a new look.
Easy to use: the one-piece silicone lip scraper fits comfortably in the hand and keeps fatigue-free Soft silicone lip for large-scale drying of wet cars after washing.
MULTIPURPOSE:The water wiper can not only clean your car. Car wipers, can also be used on mirrors, windows, glass, marble panels, bathrooms, floors and pool edges.




What's included:
1 * Silicone Car Puller Water Squeegee

Silicone Car Puller Water Squeegee Car Windscreen Wiper Window Cleaning

SKU: 224163
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