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Prevent Fading : It prevents your shoes from fading their color during washing, because this laundry net for shoes is designed to avoid deformation and damage. You can protect your shoes from wear and tear and keep them in good for longer with this laundry net for shoes.
This laundry net for shoes has a durable zipper that keeps your shoes safe and secure inside the net during washing. You don't have to worry about your shoes falling out or getting damaged. This laundry net for shoes also has an elastic band design that lets you adjust the net to your shoes. It keeps your shoes hygienic and clean during washing. The material of this laundry net for shoes is breathable and hygienic, preventing odor and mold. This laundry net for shoes is a must
The Laundry Net for Shoes is a handy and adaptable laundry bag that works with any type of shoes. You can wash your sneakers, sandals, boots, or heels in the bag and get them sparkling clean. The bag is flexible and adjusts to the shape and size of your shoes. This way, you can wash any shoes you want with our Laundry Net for Shoes.
This laundry net for shoes is easy to use and lasts long. Because of the thick foam rings, your shoes won't get deformed while washing. This laundry net is ideal for shoe lovers.
This laundry net for shoes is crafted from polyester  material, which is resistant to tearing and can be used repeatedly, giving you a long-lasting solution for your shoe cleaning needs.




What's included:
1 * Shoes Cleaning Bag

Shoes Cleaning Laundry Bag Washing Bag

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