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  • 180° adjustable projector (-90° to 90°), ultra-large LED display projection alarm clock, You can easily read the time on ceiling while lying in bed, or you can clearly see the time within 30 feet of your bedroom.
  • Large-screen LED digital display, brightness can be adjusted manually: high brightness, medium brightness, low brightness, off, and automatic photosensitive function can also be set, the product will automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the ambient brightness; Locking and saving functions, unlimited number of saving stations, FM: 76--108MHZ, which can be used by most countries in the world; the radio can be set to automatically sleep off for 5--90 minutes, humanized design, simple and convenient operation; double alarm clock Setting, to meet the time reminder of different scenes, unlimited snooze, the alarm can be set in 1-2-4-continuous beep and radio; the screen is treated with acrylic mirror and can be used as a makeup mirror (the effect will be better when the display is turned off. good);
  • Temperature display: Celsius and Fahrenheit can be switched, 0-50 degrees, 32-122 degrees. Error 1%; Humidity display: humidity measurement range 20%-99%, error 5%; HD projection, brightness adjustable: 100% brightness , 75% brightness, off; 180-degree rotation, the effective projection distance is 2-5 meters (the best distance is 3 meters); the projection function works when the USB is connected to power supply; power supply mode: USB external DC5V power supply; memory battery: built-in one 2032 Button battery, keep the product settings unchanged after the external power supply is cut off, and avoid resetting after the external power supply is cut off (it is not recommended that the external power supply is cut off for a long time).
  • 銆怳SB Charging Port & Memory Function:With 5V USB output interface allow you to charge cellphone,tablets and other electronics devices simultaneously when you charge the LED alarm clock. Backup Memory battery(included) can remain clock time working normally and remember original time /alarm/radio/snooze settings, no need to reset while in case of power failure.
  • 銆怑asy to Operate & Wide Application: Our LED digital alarm clock has its unique designed 12/24H.With the intuitive setting buttons, the alarm clock for heavy clock sleeper is easy to use even for kids or elders. Updated features such as vibration, dual alarm, dimmer, USB charging port and modern design, the digital alarm clock can be as a perfect gift for your family, friends, kids.

Material: ABS
Size: 20.8*5.2*10CM
Color: Blue,White

What's included:
1*Alarm Clock
1*USB Cable

Projection Digital Alarm Clock, LED Mirror Radio Alarm

SKU: 211287
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