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Camping stove accessories: mini heater is made of high-quality stainless steel, the body of the oven is equipped with a heat dissipation hole that can transfer heat evenly. The size of the oven is 12 cm in diameter, 14.5 cm in height, and weighs about 370 g. Anti-rust, sturdy, heat resistance and durable for long term use.
Universal camping and hiking heating attachment: suitable for camping, hunters, fishing, foot warmers, leisure activities. Ideal for camping, caravans, boats or as a tent heater at home, the ventilation design allows the stove heat to be distributed evenly, achieve better heating effect.
Easy to carry: this camping stove is lightweight and easy to carry with the handle. Portable design, easy to move, high temperature resistance, good heating effect, the top cover can be heated with a kettle. Suitable for camping and hiking.
Anti-scalding design: camping heater with a handle to remove the hot oven from the fire to protect your hand from stains, the heating cover tool does not burn your fingers
Stable and safe: the camping gas heater has grooves on the bottom that fit perfectly with the gas burner, which is firm, safe and reliable. At the same time, it has a handle to remove the hot stove from the fire to protect hands from scalding.
Safety tips: the black part of the top of the heater has a coating to prevent the heater from rusting after contact with water, so that the heater has a peculiar smell when the waterproof coating burns when it is used for the first time. It is recommended that you use it for the first time, use it outdoors for at least 15 minutes.


Material:Stainless steel,Iron
Heating Size:14.7*12CM
Clip Size:15.5*4.5CM


What's included:
1 x Portable Camping Stove

Portable Stainless Steel Camping Stove Mini Tent Heating Stove

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