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  • Multifunctional Air Cooler: This portable air conditioner has humidifier function and can cool, humidify and purify the surrounding air. It can humidifie the air and moisturizes the skin by ultrasonic atomization technology. If you add ice square, desktop air conditioning fan can quickly reduce skin surface temperature.
  • Saving Energy & Healthy Air Conditioner: Compared with air conditioning, the energy consumed by this kind of air conditioner is greatly reduced. The use of our air cooler can save energy and electricity in hot summer.
  • Environmental Production Design: Just add pure water into air cooler and then plug in the power supply which it can continuously supply you with moist air so that you can work and live comfortably in the hot summer. It just disperses water droplets into the air around you and keeps you cool by evaporation of water vapor.
  • Time Fuction & Quiet Opreation: Need a cooling system to help you fall asleep but won't want to keep cooling you all night to catch cold? Don't worry, our evaporative air cooler is designed with timing function which you can switch between 2H, 4Htimer as needed. Ultra quiet operation offers you a peaceful and comfortable sleep.
  • Four Supply Method Air Conditioner: You can use this air conditioner in four supply methods. First, you can use the USB port of mobile devices such as laptops.Second, use the charger to supply power by power outlet. Third, if you go far from you home without any power supply, you can carry with one mobile power. Fourth, you can charge the air conditioner before you out of home since it is rechargeable. It can last 3-5 hours on a full charge.

Material: ABS
Color: White
Battery Capacity:2600MAH
Rated voltage: 5V 2A
Rated power: 10W
Wind gear: 3 gears
Wind speed: 3.5m/s
Noise: 5db
Water tank capacity: 350ml
Atomization volume: 50ml/h
Atomization time: 2 hours/add water
Timing: 2/4 hours
Oscillating :around 70 degrees

What's included:
1 * Personal Air Conditioner
1 * USB Cable

Personal Air Conditioner Portable Evaporative Air Cooler Oscillating Fan

SKU: 210533
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