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  • Feels like a portable electric blanket -Immerse yourself in the luxurious comfort of a blanket hoodie this season. Lined with both polyester sherpa and microfiber, experience the delicate fabric against your skin as you keep yourself nice and toasty
  • One size fits all -The magic of the oversized blanket sweatshirt is that one size will fit most people. From adults, toddlers, men, and women - as long as it fits, you can enjoy the benefits of lounging around the home in a hoodie that feels like you wrapped in a cloud
  • Convenient -From the deep pockets (perfect for storing your phone, snacks, remote, etc) to the quality front zip to better control your temperature, our wearable blanket is designed with your preferences in mind. You can even pull it on and off like a traditional jumper
  • The perfect loungewear -Cover yourself with comfort as you relax around your home. Tuck your legs into the blanket sweater to feel like a cocoon as you enjoy the TV or curl up in your bed as you read your new book with a mug of hot chocolate at your side
  • Winterproof -Not just limited to indoors, you can take your oversized hoodie blanket out into the wild too.

Color:Grey,Navy Blue

What's included:
1 * Blanket

Oversized Wearable Blanket Hoodie with Front Zipper

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