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【2-in-1 Dog Water Bottle & Bowl】The portable dog water bottle is a must-have for pet owners on the go! With a capacity of up to 27 oz of fresh water and a wide water bowl design, your furry friend can drink comfortably and naturally. Perfect for all dog sizes, such as Schnauzer, Labrador, and more. The arched handheld design makes it easy to carry, and the unique design is both user-friendly and dog-friendly.
【Easy to Use & Recyclable Water】Quickly turn over the leaf-shaped dog water bowl, then press the button to allow water flow and quench your doggie's thirst. Press the button and push it forward to lock it, and the water will flow out continuously. After drinking, press the button and tilt back, excess water will flow back into the bottle. This helps reduce water waste.
【Upgrade Leak-proof & Sturdy】This portable dog water bottle is designed with an upgrade silicone seal ring that fits tightly with the lid ensuring that water will not leak out. Even if you shake it hard, the water will not overflow, so you can put the dog water bottle dispenser in your backpack with confidence.
【Durable Material】This dog water bottle is made of stainless steel and PP plastic. Compared with silicone, PP plastic is odorless, ensuring the health of your furry friend.
【Portable & Necessary for Traveling】This dog travel water bottle is easy to carry in the backpack, supporting your pet friends to enjoy fresh water anytime and anywhere! This dog water dispenser can provide your pet dog with clean water during long time drives, road trips, walking, camping, hiking, playing in the dog park, or any other outdoor activities. 


Material:Stainless Steel+PP
Color:Light Green,Blue,Grey,Green,Dark Blue


What's included:
1 * Dog Water Bottle

Outdoor Walking Portable Stainless Steel Dog Water Bottle Dispenser

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