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RELEASE AND DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE: Correct pain and dysfunction in the hip region any time you want. Pressure and only pressure is what releases muscle tissue in the human body.
YOUR MASSAGE THERAPIST IN YOUR HANDS: Designed to be the shape of the therapist's hand and the stiffness of the elbow, you now have your own internal therapist.
VERSATILE AND PRECISE: The psoas release tool is designed to provide the deepest relief for people of any age and body type. Target depth, can be used on specific and inaccessible muscles.
MAIN EFFICACY: The psoas muscle complex (hip flexor) is considered an important part of our body. Regulates our fight or flee response, regulates our breathing, and helps pump blood and lymph through our body.
APPLICABLE PARTS: The psoas muscle release and deep tissue massage tool can be massaged for hamstring, thigh, inner thigh, calve, lower back, upper back, tricep, bicep, chest.




What's included:
1 * Massage Tool

Muscle Release Deep Tissue Massage Tool Body Massage

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