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VERSATILE, EFFICIENT, EASY-TO-USE: The Magic Broom is the perfect tool for cleaning up all sorts of messes, including broken glass, spilled liquids, fine dust, coffee grounds, sugar, and pet and human hair. This Magic Broom for floor can even easily sweep away sticky substances like ketchup and cracked eggs. This magic broom not only allows you to clean those hard-to-reach areas while protecting your wrists from pain, but also easily cleans up bathroom water puddles and kitchen grease without leaving any water marks. Get your hands on the Magic Broom and make cleaning a breeze!
CLEANS ON MANY SURFACES: The upgraded magic broom sweeper is a multi-functional cleaning tool that is perfect for cleaning carpets, rugs, floors, living rooms, kitchens, hard floors, tiles, swimming pools, garages, and bathrooms. The rubber broom can also be used as a window squeegee for cleaning and spraying glass surfaces.
UNIQUE SILICONE EDGE: Unlike ordinary brooms, this magic broom will never have dirty and unsanitary bristles. The specially designed silicone edge of the broom generates static electricity, which is used to attract hair and fine dust. It effectively cleans every corner and crevice of the house. Made of high-density PP material, this magic broom is not afraid of soaking and is easy to clean. It is noise-free and does not leave scratches.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN AND UPGRADED LENGTH: The ergonomic design of the magic sweeper broom allows for easy and comfortable use. With an upgraded length of 53 inches, there is no need to bend over while sweeping, and high places can be easily reached without the use of additional tools. Additionally, the magic broom head features a 45° bevel on one side, making it effortless to remove dirt and hair from hard-to-reach corners.
WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: The magic sweeper broom has a wide range of applications, making it perfect for cleaning tasks in the living room, kitchen, tile, glass, hardwood floors, bathroom, garage, windows, and more. Suitable for children, boys, girls, youth, adults, and the elderly, it also makes for a great gift for friends and family. Note: It is just a handy broom tool and can't be pressed the rod very hard when using it. Or it will come loose easily.




What's included:
1 *  Magic Broom 

Multifunction Magic Broom Rubber Squeegee Floor Broom Sweeper

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