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[Metal Plant Label] - Made of soft aluminum and easy to write on both sides. Metal plant labels can track what has been planted in a specific area, track the growth of a specific plant, or provide information about the type of plant, care requirements, or planting date.
[Waterproof Outdoor Garden Plant Tags] - Our aluminum plant tags are suitable for outdoor gardens, indoor and greenhouses. Durable and waterproof, they can withstand harsh outdoor conditions, including exposure to rain, sun, snow and extreme temperatures.
[Outdoor Plant Tags] - Aluminum plant tags can be used in nurseries, greenhouses, orchards and vineyards to mark plants, trees, flowers, vegetables and crops etc. Great choice for marking plant, flower and tree names, suitable for growers, farmers, landscapers, gardeners to leave permanent mark on plants.
[Metal tags are widely used] - Metal tags can also be used for a variety of applications including identification of electronic cables, industrial settings, pets, equipment, etc.
[Easy Operation]:Fill in the tag with the corresponding plant name and put the wire tie clasp through the hole on the tag, and finally tie the metal plant tag to the corresponding plant or flower.


Size: 8.9*3.8CM


What's included:
100 x Plant tags

Metal Wires Metal Tags Plant Labels Tree Tags Plant Markers

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