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High-quality material:This hot water bottle comes with a cute soft cover. High quality hot water bottle made of material, very suitable for winter, everyone in the four seasons to ensure a comfortable night.
Safe and easy to use: filled with warm water without being scalded, it is a breeze. Thanks to the large opening of the bottle neck, it can prevent water splashing when filling. Please fill two-thirds of the water only with hot water.
Double warm hot water bottles: you can put your hands in the pocket of the hot water bottle cover, hot water bottle with cuddly soft cover brings double warmth to your body and hands.
Hot water bottle: it is an indispensable winter warm tool for you and your family. Bring warmth within reach. It can be given to family, friends and colleagues on Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Festival and Birthdays.




What's included:
1 * Hot Water Bag

Large 1.25L Soft Fluffy Plush Hot Water Bottle Bag with Cover

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