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Light And Portable: The Golf Putting Trainer is a device that helps you practice your putting skills in any location. It is small and portable, and comfortable to grip and carry. You can take this device with you to the home, the , or the course and work on your performance.
Enhance Your Skills: This golf putting trainer is designed to help you the correct putt posture and force, which can improve your putter accuracy and stability. It is a powerful and reliable tool that can make you more confident on the field.
Quality and Safety: Using high-quality materials and craftsmanship, this golf putting trainer has an excellent design that ensures quality and safety. It is durable and sturdy, not easily deformed or damaged, for your golf putting practice.
From Beginners To Professionals: With this golf putting trainer, you can learn putt better and more consistently. It gives immediate feedback and tips to help you adjust your stroke and alignment. It is an ideal tool for golfers at any skill level who want to practice putting at home or .
Vast Application: With this golf putting trainer, you can practice your strokes on any flat surfaces, indoors or outdoors, and create a realistic training environment.


Material: ABS
Size: about 50.5 * 10.3cm


What's included:
1 * Golf Precision Distance Putting Drill

Golf Precision Distance Putting Drill

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