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Arched Blade With Saw Tooth: steel blades pass through the dense carriers easily and cleanly. The powder coating of the lawn edge is made of carbon steel, with good workmanship and long service life.
Large-scale step platform: Step bordering machines with ultra-wide foot step platforms can easily use your weight to maximize the strength to bring the best mining safety and performance.
Easy to use: 96 cm long lawn repair tool, long handle, can be easily repaired without bending or kneeling, saving your back and knees. The T -shaped handle with a cushion ensures easy and comfortable grinding.
Size of the repairing lawn tool: The size is 108.5x22cm/42.71x8.66in, and the stainless steel handle is used to make the semi -moon -shaped edge vector clean and cut the soil cleanly.
Multi-function: Our shovel can be widely used in gardens, zoos, landscape beautification, flower beds, sidewalks, terraces, etc.


Color:Black & Yellow


What's included:
1 * Lawn Edging Tool

Garden Borders Lawn Edging Tool Half Moon Edger with T-Grip Handle

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