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  • Wireless Wall Hanging/Desk Aroma Diffuser: The aroma diffuser can be hung on the wall / desk or moved with you. Get rid of the limitation of traditional fixed position and charging cable, it is lighter and accompanies you in every corner.
  • Stronger aroma and longer lasting fragrance: this new generation of air aroma diffusers is different from those in the traditional market. Overcome the problem of no fragrance and no long-lasting fragrance. A new spray mode, to fill your room with fragrance and make room smell good.
  • The application is more flexible and the usage scenarios are wider: when you are still troubled by the smell of the bathroom is too heavy, the smell of the pet is too heavy, and there is no fragrance you like in your room! nimin's new generation of aromatherapy machine was created to solve your odor troubles. It also gives you the fragrance of every moment when you go to the toilet, when you sleep, when you are relaxing, and when you are entertaining. You can smell good for house.
  • Five new modes: Five-speed adjustable fragrance mode, which can be adjusted at any time according to your fragrance needs.


Working Voltage:3.7V-5V
Rated Power:1W
Battery Capacity:500mah


What's included:
1 * Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Flame Light Fragrance Mist Ultrasonic Atomization Dispenser Aromatherapy Essenti

SKU: 214991
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