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【Revitalize Skin for Eyes and Lips】Maximize the absorption of skin care products. Keep your skin moisturized effectively. Remove fine lines around eyes and lips and keep your skin smoother. Reduce black eye socket under-eye bags. Eliminate puffiness effectively to lift and tight up your facial skin.
【High frequency micro-vibration】High frequency micro-vibration helps to increase blood circulation in your eyes. Based on intermittent vibration technology, it helps your care product penetrate your skin and stimulate your skin meridian pulse so your eyes look bright.
【Two modes for your choice】Red light mode is used for tightening and lifting your skin. It helps your skin absorb your care products better and keep moisture longer. Blue light mode rejuvenates skin, relieves your fatigue, eliminates under-eye bags & puffy eyes.
【Small and portable, handled by one hand】This apparatus is small and portable. Take it anywhere and massage your skin anytime you want. Moreover, massager is light enough for one-handed use Superb gift for mothers and girlfriends.
【It fits all skin】Zinc alloy head guide design provides mild massage on your skin. As long as your care products are good, you won’t experience skin irritation from this massager. For dry skin, helps absorb moisturizer from your care products. For oily skin, massager calms your skin and adjusts the oil to moisture level to standard.


Temperture: 42±3°C
Charge Time:2h
Usage Time:2H

What's included:
1x Eye massage wand
1x Charging cable
1x User manual


1. This eye massager is not waterproof, so you should clean with dry cloths, not wash the instrument, then put it in a dry place.
2. If your eye had surgery or is in an infection, please do not use it.
3. The product needs long-term use, can alleviate and repair eye skin problems. But can not replace medical products.
4. During use, the massage head needs to continue to move and massage, it is not recommended to stay in the same area for use.
5. Massage the area for 30-60 seconds. Use it in the morning and evening.
6. The eye massager is equipped with heating mode, please don't use it if you are not sensitive with temperature.

Eye Face Massage Wand Pen Eye Lift Wand Warm Vibration Skin Care Tool

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