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DIY Smoothies Cup-- Simply pour in your favorite drinks and squeezes gently, your slushie will be ready instantly! Enjoy the slushie party with different flavors, perfect with juice or soda, or you can add milk to make a thick shake or an ice-cream.
Food Grade Safe Material-- Slushie Maker Cup Made of food grade silicone, Create a lasting memorable conversation points with its unique design. The built-in condensate has a shelf life of 18 months, It’s washable and reusable. All parts are non-toxic。
Quick Freeze Technology-- Slushie cups turns your favorite beverages like cola and juice into a refreshing slush in seconds. It does not cause dilution of the original flavor as it does not use a mixture of ice and juice to achieve a semi-frozen consistency
Create with Family-- Slushie maker cups Create a lasting memorable conversation points with its unique design.Interactive, colorful. Convenient gadgets, DIY Smoothies with your family or friends at home/office.
Perfect Gift-- Don't buy limited muddy flavors in ice cream parlors. Use it to customize your own cold drink. You can soak in sparkling water, frozen cappuccino or make iced iced tea. Add almost all iced drinks, massage quickly, and then enjoy the new version of your favorite drink.




What's included:
1 * Magic Quick Frozen Smoothies Cup

DIY Slushy Cup Slushie Maker Cup Portable Quick Smoothies Squeeze Cooling Cup

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