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  • Eco-friendly and Durable - The soft padded design is made from skin-friendly material, soft and comfort to ensure the safety and durability while enhancing sound blocking ability.
  • Adjustable and Stylish - Adjustable headband ear defenders can be flexibly adjusted to fit various sizes. Our baby ear defenders are designed to fit all babies without pressuring the head.
  • Lightweight and Portable - Folding design and construction is portable. Foldable design makes the ear capsules easy to transport them to wherever you need them the most.
  • Function and Use - Protect your baby from harmful noises above 30 decibels such as lawn mowers and fireworks.

Material: ABS shell+PU muffs material
Color: Pink,Blue
Size:7 x 7 x 8 cm

What's included:
1 * 1*Baby Ear Defenders

Baby Children Adjustable Noise Cancelling Ear Defenders

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