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DISH SOAP - Easy to open and easy to refill No leaks when filled. They are perfect for what we need. Holds liquid detergent well and no problems with the way they are made.
Soap Scrubber - Easy to Use You will appreciate that the scrubber has your choice of liquid detergent that is just a press of your finger away. It worked much better than you thought. Definitely more over a sponge. This palm brush helps you keep your dishes, pots, pans, glassware, non-stick cookware or even your sink and worktop radiantly clean
Potato Scrubber - Versatile Kitchen Tool - Use the Mini Scrubbing Brush to Clean Dishes, Cutlery, Even Fruits and Vegetables
Washing Up Brush - Easy to Store: Comes with stand for easy storage. Convenient to hold: nice size, fits well in your sink. The size is neither too big nor too small, easy to grip and can be used to clean more occasions. Nice product and the small stand included keeps the sink clean.
Soap dispenser brush with stand - no detergent leaking design and saves detergent. Continuous testing to ensure no leaking detergent Easy to dispense by pressing the top button. The detergent is inserted into the bristles and does not shoot it directly at what you wash like others. Easy to install thanks to its stand.





What's included:
1 * Cleaning Brush

Automatic Soap Detergent Kitchen Washing Pot Dish Cleaning Brush

SKU: 227710
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