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【Self-starting and Easy to Use】Built-in automatic bouncing device, one push and release, you can easily start, the strength is free to grasp.
【Wrist and Forearm Exerciser】Wrist force ball can be a good exercise for your forearm and wrist joints, help to build strong functional wrist and forearm, much better than holding tight squeeze.
【Wrist Cord Protection, Safe and Convenient】Please wear a special wrist cord when playing to prevent excessive force and throw out; Hand grip is moderate in size and easy to carry. You can use the wrist strength ball in a variety of occasions such as watching TV, walking, traveling, arm exercise, wrist recovery, etc.
【Well Made】Sturdy exterior, rubber handle, metal ball core, non-slip silicone edge for safer play; Size: 7*5.5CM.
【Suitable for People】Sports enthusiasts - through the wrist ball exercise to make it more tension and more powerful; Office workers - through the wrist ball exercise can be away from sub-health or ease the discomfort brought by the mouse hand; Students-to promote bone development, enhance grip strength, wrist strength, arm strength and finger flexibility; Wrist injuries - through the wrist ball exercise to speed up the flexibility of the healing hand injury.


Material:Ziny Alloy,Silicone,Polycarbonate


What's included:
1 * Wrist Strength Ball

Auto Start Wrist Strength Ball Wrist Forearm Exerciser Gyroscope

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