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Improve Incorrect Posture - Our Back Posture Corrector provide more effective support to pull your muscles and spine back to original alignment for posture improvement. Keep you away from slouching and hunching look, while gradually create the habit of good posture, improve confidence.
Posture Corrector for Men & Woman & Kids :Please refer to the size:If you are higher than 5"4', please chose the Size M. If you are higher than 5"7',please chose the Size L. If you are higher than 6", please chose size XL.
Adjustable & Easy to Use - You can wear this Back Posture Corrector under clothes at work, home or hang out earn a straight back and a flat stomach without nobody will notice it on you.
Double Support & More Effective - Our professional Back Posture Corrector have 2 braces on the back, which provide strong support for lower back and waist, and stabilize and support your shoulders, chest, and back.
Better Everyday - Wear our upper Back Posture Corrector for 1 or 2 hours every day, and you will start developing a muscle memory soon. We recommend that you wear clothes first, and then wear our posture corrector.


Material:15% Polyester,70% Neoprene,15% Nylon
Size:As Picture Shows


What's included:
1 * Posture Corrector 

Adult Posture Corrector Adjustable Back Brace Support Straightener

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