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9-piece professional car cleaning set: 1 x microfibre wash mitt, 1 x shape high and low coarse mesh sponge block, 1 x knitted towel, 1 x glass cloth, 1 x waffle grid, 3 x towel cloth waxing pie, 1 x car tyre brush
High-quality materials: the car cleaning tools are made of fine material, soft, sturdy and durable without damaging your valuable cars. Microfibre material leaves no marks or fragments after cleaning. Best gift for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday
Super cleaning performance: the set is well made and made of high-quality materials. The fabrics are very soft so that you don't have to worry about minor scratches in the paint. It can also remove stubborn dirt without much pressure.
Perfect design: these tools have been specially designed to be easy to use and suitable for everyday use. Car detail brushes of different sizes and shapes have soft bristles, no stains, no streaks, no scratches, worn and damaged surfaces, painted or transparent coating, scratch-free cleaning of cars and motorcycles.
Application:The set is very practical. Apply to clean the look and interior of the cars. For car, motorcycle, bicycle, truck, boat, household and kitchen.


Material:80%Polyester,20% Nylon
Size:As Picture Shows

Wash Mitt:25*17CM
Sponge Block:20*12*5.5CM
Knitted towel:25*25CM
Glass cloth towel:25*25CM
Waffle grid towel:25*25CM
Towel cloth waxing pie:12.5*2CM
Car tyre brush:5*4*29cm


What's included:
1 * Car Cleaning Set

9PCS Car Care Cleaning Set Car Wash Set

SKU: 220958
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