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  • Style & Reflection: Be visible in low light environments and enhance your style by customizing your clothing, commuter-wear, and fabric gear with these iron on reflective for clothing that are specifically designed to reflect.
  • Easy to Operate: With the help of a household iron, these reflective decals can easily be adhered to almost any type of textile tolerant of temperatures up to 150-160 degrees Celsius. Moreover, the clothing with these stickers can be washed in a washing machine at a temperature of up to 40°C.
  • Versatile Usage: Featuring trendy shapes and designs, our iron on fabric tape stickers are suitable for children, parents, or adults, can be used to decorate your boring clothes as well as work perfectly to fix holes or patches on your favorite clothes in a convenient yet fashionable manner.


What's included:
7 * DIY Reflective Stickers Tape

7 Pack DIY Reflective Stickers Tape for Clothing

SKU: 221814
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