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Package & Size -- Total 6pcs shiny stainless mirrored rainbow gazing balls. 2Pc 32mm + 2Pc 50mm + 1Pc 76mm +1Pc 120mm. 4 different sizes of reflective polished gardens balls. For small gazing balls, they can be used indoors as an accent piece in a bowl or basket. For big gazing balls, they are perfect for outdoor decoration in ponds, gardens, patios, or lawn, yards.
Polished Hollow Stainless Steel -- The hollow garden globe balls are made of heavy duty stainless steel with maximum corrosion resistance and durability, the high brightness shine sphere will offer beautiful reflections all year-around, rain or shine.
Shiny Relective Mirror Sphere -- The stainless steel gazing ball garden globes features a reflective mirror polish that catches the light and reflects the surroundings wonderfully. Gazing globe balls for gardens solar outdoor gazing ball can be used for both indoors outdoors and in ponds or pools. Suitable for various of shopping malls, home decoration, office space decorations etc.
Home & Garden Ornament -- Silver mirror globe, stainless steel gazing ball, polished balls, reflective sphere, garden decorations. These polished mirror spheres will reflect light and object in your garden creating a truly unique effect and add a stylish and contemporary look to your home and garden. Simply place them on your lawn as an ornament to impress your neighbours and friends.
 Housewarming Gift -- The gazing globe mirror balls can be used as a perfect photography prop. The first eye for looking for the beauty around us, ideal for photography. These beautiful garden spheres is an ideal gift for gardening enthusiasts, or as housewarming presents. Balls like these were believed to bring prosperity, luck and abundant growth in gardens.


Material:Stainless Steel 


What's included:
2 * 32mm Ball
2 * 52mm Ball
1 * 76mm Ball
1 * 120mm Ball

6 Pcs Stainless Steel Garden Gazing Ball Garden Mirror Globe Ornament Sphere

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