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High Quality : The damaged screw extractor and bolt remover set is made of premium high-speed alloy steel (HSS 4341), with excellent hardness of 63-65 HRC for extra durability and a good lifespan
Damaged Screw Extractor Kit, Stripped Screw Extractor Set Tool Set with the specifications of #0, #1, #2, #2, #3, #4 Easily and Quickly Remove Common Sizes of Damaged, Broken or Stripped Screws
Compatible with power drills tools, suitable for all homeowners, carpenters, mechanics, artists, amateurs, etc. A matching plastic box for your convenience.
Easy to apply : Easy operation of in three simple steps: 1. drill; 2. flip the bits; 3. extraction. With our dynamic set of extractor drill bits, removing stripped, painted over, rusted or rounded screws & bolts has never been easier or more efficient!
Safety Note: It is designed to work with the electric drills,Using a slow speed at all times. 


Materual:High-speed alloy steel
Size:As Picture Shows


What's included:
6 Pcs Screw Extractor Kit

6 Pcs Silver Screw Extractor Kit Damaged Screw Extractor Kit

SKU: 224989
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