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6 plant bell jars, with 10 plant tags to mark the name of the plant and 18 ground fixing pins to provide firm support.
These plant protection covers are very suitable for small vegetables, fruits, flower seedlings.
Rotating adjustable vent-The garden bell dome is designed with a rotatable rotating vent on the top, which can provide sufficient air and water circulation to help plants grow better.
Lightweight-The plant protection cover made of soft plastic material can be reused. Transparent materials can achieve maximum light penetration and minimum reflection to help plants grow.
Widely used-Plastic garden bell domes can provide protection for your plants from frost, bad weather, birds, birds and pests. It is ideal for overwintering herbaceous edge plants and less hardy perennials, as well as protecting seedlings and semi-hardy plants.


Size:As Picture Shows


What's included:
6 * Plant Covers
10 * Plant Tags
18 * Ground Fixing Pins

6 Pack Plant Covers Plant Protection Reusable Greenhouse

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