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REUSABLE: This bird netting bag bags are made of fine organza fabric, which can be used repeatedly. There are several sizes to choose from, please choose the right size for your fruit. It is soft and light organza fabric bag is firm and enough to protect from bird's pecking and insect, guard your garden.
Protect the fruits of your labor: The polyester synch string of the bag can be firmly fixed to the branches, will not be easily blown from the tree by wind or rain. This garden netting bags are green in color to help fool the birds and squirrels.
BREATHABILITY: The netting barrier bags to fruit tree facilitates the exchange of air and will not allow the rapid formation of condensed water, which will not cause the fruit to spoil and rot.
GOOD LIGHT TRANSMISSION: The mesh netting barrier protect bags are permeable to air and light. The fruits can continue to grow and ripen undisturbed. As a garden gift, it is a very good choice.
EASY TO ATTACH: The fruit netting bags with drawstring design, can keep the bags firmly sealed, also very convenient for opening and closing. Protecting your pomegranate,apples, peaches, pears, persimmons, dragon fruits, guavas, tomatoes, potatoes, bananas, oranges, plums, nectarines, veggies and other fruits from mediterranean, keep your plants grow healthy.
ORGANZA STORAGE BAGS: Great for storing small items such as candy pieces, jewelry, and precious keepsakes, as well as crafts, coins, game pieces, and other small trinkets.


Material:fine organza fabric


What's included:
50 * Fruit Protection Netting Bags

50PCS Reusable Fruit Protection Netting Bags for Fruit Trees Garden Barrier Bag

SKU: 224332
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