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Soft and waterproof: these blister gels are made of hydrogel, can absorb a lot of water, comfortable to use during day and night; Rubber coating on the surface helps to reach waterproof effect
Proper size: each blister pad is approx. 5.6*3.7CM, right size design allows users to cover blister and bubble on the toe or heel part
Adhesive stickers: these cushion bandages are adhesive, convenient to use and not easy to fall off, can be worn to take shower, providing nice wound healing environment for your feet
Good protection to your heel: these heel blister bandages can stop friction from rubbing shoes, keep blister from getting worse and relief the pain from continuous friction with new shoes; Nice tools to cover blister, abrasion and bubble
Large quantity: there are 50 pieces blister bandages in the package, enough to satisfy daily needs.

Material:Hydrogel with PU coating
Color:As Picture shows

How to use:
1. Clean the skin and keep it dry, ensure that there is no moisturizer on the skin.
2. Cover layers on the back of the product and do not touch the adhesive part.
3. Make the thicker part of the product stick to the wound and smooth it around.
4. Let the product stay on the wound until the product falls off naturally.


1. Please continue to apply when the wound is not completely healed.
2. If there is a paste left on your clothing, you can remove it with alcohol.
3. Do not use for infected wounds.


What's included:
50 x Heel blister bandages

50PCS Heel Blisters Adhesive Bandages Blister Pad Guard Gel Blister Cushions

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