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Multifunctional Brushes: The worthy bottle brush set cleaning kit for narrow neck skinny bottle, kombucha, wine decanter, sports water bottles, jug, thermos, carafe, pitcher, vase, spiral glass pipe, bathroom sinks, beer brewing bottles while small brush will clean even smallest, tiny openings and straws.
Water Bottle Cleaning Brush: Made of PP, resilient and bendable, no peculiar smell, keep safe and healthy, an exceptional value and an excellent gift for your kitchen.
Bottle Brush Set: Each brush has unique size and shape for cleaning hard to reach places such as inside tea kettles, sports water bottles, hummingbird feeder, coffee jugs, juice pitchers, canning jars, flower vases, kettle, teapot and much more.
Convenient Storage: This water bottle scrubbing brush set is easily stored in a kitchen cart or hung from a hook. The bottle brush set is dishwasher safe so you can throw in the dishwasher every now.
Detail Cleaning Bottle Brush set: This Bottle Cleaning Brush/straw cleaner/kitchen scrub brush will get the job well done well with different variety to make them especially versatile in cleaning stubborn interior and exterior dirties and the hard-to-reach crevices and bottoms, fantastic cleaner.




What's included:
5 Pcs Bottle Brush Set

5 Pcs Long Handle Bottle Cleaning Brush Set

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