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LET CAT IN,KEEP DOG OUT: For Cat and Dog Owners,This Cat Door Stopper Can Keep Dog Out of The Room with Litter Box and Cat Food Effectively,and Giving Your Cat a Separate, Undisturbed Space.
SIMPLE, CONVENIENT, AND WORKS: You Don'T Need to Cut a Hole To Install an Interior Cat Door From Now On,This Cat Door Latch is Preferred Over a Dog Gate with Cat Door or Cat Doors for Interior Doors.
UPGRADED AND MORE FLEXIBLE: Our Pet Door Latch Has The Latest 5-Hole Design, Allows The Door to Any Interior Room To Open Just Wide Enough So Cats Can Easily Enter or Exit, But At The Same Time Keep It Narrow Enough So Dogs (If Slightly Larger Than Cat) Cannot Get In.
INSTALLS IN SECONDS: Hang The Pet Door Strap On The Door Handle, Adjust The Width of The Door Opening Wider Or Narrower to Work With The Sizes of Your Cat/Dog,Then Rotate The Metal Screw to The Insertable Hole, Pull The Door Strap, and Insert The Screw Into The Lock Slot. Ok, It Can Safely Hold The Door Now.
DURABLE,ELASTIC,NOT EASY TO BREAK : The Tough Silicone Material Keeps The Door Open, Keeping Your Pets and Children Safe,The Door Stopper for Cats Is Firm After Being Installed, Even a Powerful Dog Will Not Push It Away.




What's included:
4 * Door Stopper

4 Pack Adjustable Animal Style Door Stopper Door Holder Latch

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