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 UPGRADED 3PK CLEANING TOOL SET - This Pet Hair Remover Set contains a metal dog/cat hair remover, a silicone Y-shaped fur remover and a TPR cloud-shaped hair brush, different tools for slightly different cleaning effects. To achieve the effect of deep cleaning of the most embedded hair, whether on the sofa, pet tower, carpet, car mats or coats, this tools set finally save your time and energy.
 FAST & EFFECTIVE - Metal dog hair remover, the preferred hair removal tool for pet lovers, can quickly and effectively remove stubborn trapped pet hair, deeper cleaning than fur roller. Home clean-up of pet hair becomes easier and effective.
 CONVENIENT & PORTABLE - Y-shaped silicone fur remover makes dog cat hair removal on clothes more gently. With light weight & small size, it’s easy to carry. Also could be choice for travel, you can just gently wipe and clean from different directions to collect the fur stuck on the clothes or car mats. The ergonomic handle is easy to use.
 SAFE & DURABLE - Cloud-shaped lint brush has double-row serrated design, as the small side collects fine hair and the larger side cleans the fluff clumps. Brushing in the carpet to remove hair and dust, and the use of TPR material, it is smooth and durable and can be used for a long time.
 SAVE TIME & MONEY - A fantastic gift for pet lovers. If home furniture or cars are covered with pet hair and needed to spend hours every day on cleaning, Eyyao 3-piece pet hair remover set is a great choice. Compared to disposable fur rollers, sticky tape & expensive pet vacuums, this is convenient and time & money saving pet hair removal tool!


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What's included:
3 * Pet Hair Remover

3Pcs Pet Hair Remover Scraper Carpet Scraper Brush Lint Remover Set

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