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3 Sizes of Self-Adhesive Felt Tapes: The felt tape is 0.5cm thick and the set includes 100*10*0.5cm,100*5*0.5cm,100*2*0.5cm. Felt tape is easy to cut and can be cut into circular or rectangular pads depending on your needs.
Strong Adhesion: Our adhesive felt pads are easy to stick and have strong adhesion. It sticks to chair bases or other surfaces without easily peeling off. The strong adhesion of felt pads is suitable for attaching to glass, wood, furniture, metal, tiles, and walls.
Durable Materials: The felt strip is made of high-strength fiber felt, which is soft and strong. 0.5cm thickness and the smooth felt surface can protect the floor and other surfaces from being scratched by chairs and furniture.
Long-term Use: Felt tape has a smooth surface and a rough texture. It does not easily fluff or shed over time. Also, it slides well, and moving furniture after installation will no longer make noise or damage.
Multiple Scenes: Felt pads can be cut into any shape to protect chair legs, metal furniture, bookshelves, sofas, vases, audio equipment, and other furniture, making your furniture more durable.




What's included:
1 * 100*10*0.5cm Felt Roll
1 * 100*5*0.5cm Felt Roll
1 * 100*2*0.5cm Felt Roll

3 Rolls Self-Stick Felt Tape Furniture Chair Floor Protectors Felt Pads

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