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【3 Pair Exfoliating Gloves for Body】3 pair deep exfoliating gloves, classic black pink white, durable and reusable. There is a small ring on the glove, which is convenient for you to hang it to dry after washing each time to keep it dry. The mouth of the body bath mitt is elastic and not easily deformed, which is suitable for most people
【Deep Exfoliating Glove】The double-sided matte exfoliating gloves can deeply remove dirt, dead skin, and impurities on the skin, but will not scratch the skin. When using a shower exfoliator glove, soak your body in warm water for a few minutes, then soak the bathing exfoliating gloves, and add the proper amount of shower gel to wipe your body
【Safe Exfoliating Mitt】The exfoliating gloves are made of viscose fiber, which is comfortable to the hand, safe to the skin, and can effectively exfoliate. The deep exfoliating glove is made of high-density seams, which are more durable. The exfoliating glove area is large enough to allow you to clean your body quickly
【Easy to clean】The scrub gloves exfoliating can be used with shower gel, rich in foam, easy to clean the skin (do not use with soap when scrubbing), it is recommended that you use exfoliating gloves twice a week
【Exfloliating Hand Glove for Shower】Exfloting hand glove for shower can deep clean, remove skin dirt, promote skin metabolism, and are very suitable for scrubbing during bathing. The exfoliating glove for the body can be used on the back, legs, arms, and back to make the skin smoother




What's included:
1 Pair of Pink Gloves
1 Pair of Black Gloves
1 Pair of White Gloves

3 Pair Exfoliating Mitts Body Scrub Glove Bath SPA Exfoliating Scrubbing Mitt

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