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Improve your grip strength and the padded support allows you to grip any weight without discomfort, pain, slipping or tugging. Whether you're doing deadlifts, rows, pull-ups, or any other pulling movement, you can rely on these lifting aids.
Weightlifting Straps made from the highest quality tightly woven cotton and microfiber leather to ensure the handles will not tear or pull apart, very durable
Widely Used: Lifting bands for weightlifting support your wrists and forearms for heavy lifting, deadlifts, rows, pull-ups, shoulder pulls, dumbbell squats and weights
Comfortable to Wear: Our weight lifting wrist bands are made of high quality polyester and extra thick cotton fabric to make you feel comfortable when you lift heavy weights.




What's included:
2 * Wrist Strap

2PCS Powerlifting Anti-slip Hand Wrap with SBR Foam Pad Wrist Strap

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