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Aquarium Plant Holder: This aquatic plant pot is prefect for growing or quickly propagating plants on your aquarium fish tank! It hold Pothos (and other plants) at the top of your fish tank, with the bottom of their stalk dipped in, the leafy part on top. The plant will drink in the delicious fertilized water from your fish tank and thrive!And it also can help you to reduce nitrates in your aquarium. That's a great aquascape decoration for aquarium.
One-piece Separate Design: This hanging plant holder have five holes at the bottom, it makes sure that the water can flow across the roots of the aquatic plant and form a good water internal circulation of aquarium.If you want to transplant your pothos or other plants out of your tank to another area.Order it.A removable face plate allows for swapping out root-plentiful plants, into other vessels.
Wide Application: This aquatic plant holder is easy to use, can steady hang on many kinds of aquariums(Two styles are available for the selection of borderless and framed aquarium),much nicer and steadier looking than other types of aquarium aquatic plant cups. It works great for pothos, lotus flower, daffodils, water poppies, lucky bamboo, and more aquatic plants.
Product Material: This plant pot is made of ABS plastic, durable, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, non-toxic and odorless, provides a healthy and safe environment for the fish, shrimp and plants, which can decorate your tanks a long time.
Holds up to 5 x 0.5" diameter pothos or other plant stalks above your aquarium for easy viewing, and great root growth.If your tank is rimmed, the border thickness must less than 0.8in/2cm)




What's included:
2 * Open Face Emerging Plant Holder

2Pack Open Face Emerging Plant Holder Aquarium Hanging Emersed Plants Holder

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