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【Product Contents】You will receive 6 pieces of oval inner thigh anti-chafing stickers (12*18*0.05cm).
【Skin-friendly fabric】It is made of high-quality cotton fabric with strong elasticity, which is breathable, wear-resistant, skin-friendly and comfortable, so that you no longer have to worry about rubbing and hurting your thighs while walking, and you can keep dry and comfortable.
【Low-Sensitivity Adhesive】It adopts low-sensitivity self-adhesive, which has good viscosity, good elasticity, and is easy to stick and tear. It can also be cut into suitable shapes at will, which is convenient and simple to use.
【Wide application】 Our anti-abrasion patch has a smooth and delicate surface, which can not only solve the problem of friction at the root of your thigh, but also can be used on the calf, knee and heel. The anti-abrasion patch is only 0.5mm, easy to carry, you can put it in your bag Set aside a few slices to keep for later use.
【How to use】When using, just peel off the protective film, stick it on the skin area you want to protect, and press it a few times to make it fit the skin better. When tearing it off, it is recommended to apply soap and tear it off while taking a hot shower, the effect will be better.


Material:Cotton fabric


What's included:
20 * Thign Stickers

20 PCS of Self Adhesive Inner Thigh Anti Chafing Stickers

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