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Premium Material: The bird feeder and bath is made of high-quality PP resin material, non-toxic and odorless, breathable and corrosion-resistant, easy to clean and degradable, and not easy to age, deform or crack, and can remain firm in bad weather such as wind and rain, with a longer service life.
Perfect Size: There is enough space to attract birds to gather, listening to their language and getting closer to nature.TIPS: Limited load is not suitable for squirrels.
90° Foldable Design: The connection between the iron sheet and the iron ring adopts a movable and foldable design. When not in use, you can fold it to 90° to form a suitable angle with the stump or other installation objects, which is convenient for storage and deployment.
Easy to Install: We provide 4 metal screws and 4 expansion screws, each tray is installed with 2 metal and expansion screws, screw it in where you need it and you are done. The hanging bird bath is simple and convenient to install, not requiring additional tools and expertise.
Wide Applicability: This bird feeder can be installed on trees, wooden fences, decks and even indoor and outdoor walls. Or as a thoughtful gift for a bird-loving friend or relatives, allowing them to watch a variety of birds such as cardinals, tits, hummingbirds, and feel the freedom of birds.




What's included:
2 * Bird Feeder

2 Pack Bird Trays Tree Mounted Bird Feeder Bird Bath Bowl

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