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Attractive Design -The kitchen rack features modern functionality with a classic spice rack look. Attractive, simple colour scheme and curved edge design combined with straight line exterior make an elegant addition to any kitchen.
Maximise Kitchen Space - The spice organiser brings all your condiments, spices and herbs together. And the herb rack has a 2/4-tier height plus plenty of length space for spice containers of most uniform sizes from the top brands.
Built for Strength -The wall spice rack uses high quality stainless steels and plastic materials to create a strong spice rack wall mounted. Two separate tiers allow easy spice selection and plenty of space for a range of cooking spices.
Instalment Options - Handy rear fittings made to offer flexibility as a wall mounted spice rack or cupboard spice rack if you lack kitchen counter space. Wall hanging creates a whole extra storage space above kitchen grime and splashes for spices and condiments.


Material: Carbon Steel


What's included:
2/4 * Metal Hanging Racks
4/8 * Hook 
8/16 * Screw

2/4 Pack Metal Spice Racks Wall Hanging Spice Jar Storage Rack Organiser

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