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BLACK PLASTIC POST CAPS FOR 4X4 (3 5/8”) FENCE POSTS - Most 4x4 fence posts actually have nominal dimensions of 3 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches. Once planed, each side would be around 3 5/8 inches
MADE FROM HIGH-QUALITY AND DURABLE PLASTIC - Fence post plastic caps need to withstand extreme changes in weather. Made from thick, highly durable, and weatherproof plastic, our plastic post caps are UV and heat-resistant, impact-resistant, and waterproof
PROTECT WOODEN FENCE POSTS IN A LOW PROFILE WAY - Pressure-treated wood can last for many years, but wooden fence posts have one weakness: exposed end grains. Moisture seeping into the end grain can easily half the posts’ lifespan
EASY TO INSTALL AND SECURE FENCE POST CAPS - The black caps will slip easily on top of the posts. Even when the post is a few millimeters bigger, the caps will flex enough to fit, but it won’t stretch further. There are 3 options in securing the caps to the posts: nails, screws, and adhesive. For both nails and screws, you’ll need to drill a pilot hole in at least two sides of the caps. If using an adhesive, ensure that said adhesive will bond on both plastic and wood.




What's included:
16 * Fence Post Caps

16PCS 4x4 (3 5/8") Fence Post Caps

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