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PACKAGE INCLUDE: 1 large outer box + 14 small inner boxes. The outer box size is 16.5*12.7*6cm, the Inner box size is 5.4*5.4*2cm.
ECO-MATERIALS: These clear container boxes are made of high-quality non-breakable plastic, which is durable and has a smooth and clean surface. You can sort and sort different items with these bead accessory organizers. The contents of the transparent container are clearly visible, allowing you to find what you need quickly and easily.
USEFUL DESIGN: Each clear box has a hinged lid, which can prevent your items from being contaminated by dust and dirt, and also prevent items from falling. With good safety features, you can use these boxes to carry your small beads or jewelry anywhere.
APPLICATIONS: Perfect for organizing and storing small items: rock collection, small accessories, earrings, rings, necklace, threads, beads; fishing hook, fish lure bait; letter board letters, pills, small drugs, electronic components, art DIY crafts, nails, nuts, and bolts, etc. You can also use a pen to mark these boxes with numbers or dates to make your organizing more fun.
MAKE SOME DIY: These diamond drawing beads organizers you received are transparent, so you can design them to your liking, such as using some cute and pretty stickers to change their appearance, or use your imagination in the box Write a blessing on it or make some personalized text designs to make these boxes more sophisticated.


Outer box size :16.5*12*6cm
Inner box size is 5.5*5.5*2cm


What's included:
1 * Small Bead Organizers Box Set

15PCS Plastic Small Bead Organizers Box Jewelry, Game Pieces Storage Cases

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