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  • 100% seed starter kit, with pulp and charcoal made, rich in plant fiber, can be planted directly without hurting the seedlings, can be transplanted with pots.
  • Our seed starter trays have a shorter degradation period than non-woven and plastic seedling trays, protecting the ecological environment. Seedling roots easily stick out of the tray for daily direct sowing, suitable for fake planting, and when the plant roots are well developed, just bury it directly into your favorite pot, no need to take off the seedling starter trays again without hurting the root system.
  • The Seed starter Peat pots will not be deformed by heat and light, the edges keep the shape without warping, enough breathable water storage can keep the seedlings growing, with this moisture-proof, oil-proof and strong absorbent wall peat pots, your seedlings transplants will become much more easier.
  • This seed starter kit is clean and hygienic, harmless to the root system, easy to recycle. The wall of seed trays can be permeable, moisturizing, no soil leakage, so that seedlings and soil remain intact during long-distance transportation.

Material: Paper pulp
Size: 16.2 * 12.5 * 4.1cm
Hole size: 3.5 * 3.5 * 5cm

What's included:
12 * Seed Start Tray
12 * Label
2 * Seedling Starting Gadgets

12 Pack Seed Starter Tray Biodegradable Seedling Peat Germination Pots Kits

SKU: 208306
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