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【HIGH QUALITY BENTOBOX】 The  Bentobox is made of high-quality food-grade environmental protection material (PP), BPA-free, sturdy and durable, and the Bento box will not be damaged if it falls from the table. The bottom tray reheats food safely in the microwave and is easy to clean in the dishwasher. Safe, functional and easy to clean, the Bento box is the perfect companion for a balanced diet.
【SUITABLE CAPACITY】 Lunch Containers have a capacity of 1330ML, perfect for packing various foods such as vegetables, fruits, pasta, sandwiches in healthy portions. Great for adults and kids. Product includes: 1 x lunch box; 1 x fork; 1 x spoon; 1 x sauce box.
【CLASSIC DESIGN】 The tray of the Lunch box is composed of 6 fixed compartments, and the inside of the lid is sealed with a silicone ring, which perfectly wraps each compartment, which can effectively prevent food from leaking, avoid mixing and cross-contamination of different foods, and ensure the original taste of the food. 4 secure buttons on the sides keep the overall look simple.
【EASY TO CARRY AND CLEAN】 The Lunch box is small in size and light in weight, and can be put into most backpacks. Even if each compartment is filled with delicious food, it will not feel heavy in the hand, which is very suitable for children. Wash the Lunch box with water directly after use, or put it in the dishwasher (do not put the lid in the dishwasher). The colorful and cute Lunch box can make children enjoy lunch more happily.


Color:Green,Rose Red,Blue


What's included:
1 * Lunch Box
1 * Sauce Box
1 * Fork
1 * Spoon

1330ML Lunch Box Containers with 5 Compartments and Cutlery

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